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3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter 3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items

    • 3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter  3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items
    • 3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter  3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items
    • 3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter  3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items
    • 3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter  3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items
  • 3NH High Precision Micro Aperture NHG60M Digital Gloss Meter  3.5" Touch Panel For Small Items

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: 3nh
    Certification: CE / ROHS / TUV / ISO9001:2015
    Model Number: NHG60M

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Price: USD378~USD820
    Packaging Details: Nylon Carry Bag in gift box
    Delivery Time: 1~3 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,, MoneyGram,, L/C, D/P, D/A
    Supply Ability: 5000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Measuring Area(mm): 2x1.5mm Measuring Angle: 60°
    Measuring Range: 0~1000GU Repeatability: ± 0.2GU
    Division Value: 0.1GU Weight: 350g

    3NH-NHG60M  60° Angle High Precision Gloss meter for mobile use
    3.5 " TFT Touch Panel / Fast measuring / Internal data memory / Including evaluation software


    A gloss meter is a tester for determining surface gloss. With the gloss meter, spectral reflections of a light beam that hits the surface, are measured. The touch screen allows for easy to use.

    The gloss meter is applied especially in areas where it is important that the surfaces have the same structure, and have the same surface characteristics. This often happens in quality control. The gloss meter is a measuring instrument which can be used in many different industries.

    A special evaluation software comes with the gloss meter 3NH-NHG60M. So the measured data can be stored on the device first and transferred to a computer later. The software of the gloss meter also has an analysis function that serves for precise evaluation.


    - Measuring Area: 1.5x2mm

    - 3.5" TFT Touch Panel, user friendly

    - Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery
    - Internal data memory, up to save 5000 data
    - Calibration plate supplied
    - Fast measurement time

    - Set gloss value manually
    - With evaluation software


    3NH-NHG60M is widely used in the industries which are sensitive to the surface such as Paint,Paper,ink,Plastic,film,Bamboo,flooring,Stainless steel,Aluminum oxidation,Stone,Ceramic tile,Leatherwear...


    Measuring Angle 60°
    Comply with Standard ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457
    Measuring Area(mm) 1.5x2 mm
    Measuring Range 0~1000GU
    Division Value 0.1GU
    Measurement Range 0-10GU 10-100GU 100-1000GU
    Repeatability ± 0.1GU ± 0.2GU ± 0.2%GU
    Reproducibility ± 0.2GU ± 0.5GU ± 0.5%GU
    Measurement Standard Conform to the Working Requirements for JJG696 First Class Gloss meter
    Chromaticity Response Corresponding with CIE 1931(2°) under CIE C Light Source
    Tolerance ±1.5, ±1.5%
    Measuring Time 0.5s
    Display Size TFT 3.5"
    Touch-Screen Yes, Capacitive Touch Screen
    Data Port USB & RS232
    Language Chinese/English
    Battery 3200mAh Li-ion Battery , >10000 times(within 8 hours)
    Dimension 160*75*90mm
    Weight 350g
    Measuring Mode&Storage Basic Mode: 1000; Statistical Mode: 5000; Continuous Mode: 5000
    Software GQC6 Quality Control Software with QC Report Printing Functions and More Extended Functions.
    Operation Temperature 0~40℃(32~104℉)
    Storage Temperature -20~50℃(-4~122℉)
    Humidity <85% Relative Humidity, No Condensation
    Standard Accessories Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Manual, CD (Including QC Software), Calibration Plate
    Optional Accessories Miniature Printer

    Delivery Scope

    1 x Glossmeter 3NH-NHG60M 
    1 x Evaluation software
    1 x Charging adapter
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Calibration plate
    1 x Instruction manua

    Delivery Time

    1-2 working days after payment received.

    Shipping Info.
    Carton Meas: 29*19*10CM
    Gross Weight:1KG


    We warrant to you that any Product purchased from us will, on delivery and for the following 1 year, conform in all material respects with its description, be of satisfactory quality, and be reasonably fit for all the purposes for which products of that kind are commonly supplied.

    Optional Accessories

    3NH High-end Spectrophotometer YS3060 Portable color meter Dual aperture Pass or Fail delta display

    Micro-printer / Ref. No.: 3NH-SP-A-01

    More Pics

    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation


    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

    Gloss Meter by Industry

    Many industries measure gloss to ensure the quality of their products. It has been shown that the gloss level of a product has as much psychological impact on a consumer as its colour. Many products are designed with combinations of high gloss and matte finishes, maximizing their customer appeal.

    Surface quality can often be assessed by measuring gloss. For example poorly cured paints or coatings can exhibit unusual gloss levels and can lead to chipping and flaking at a later stage in manufacture. Monitoring a product's gloss means that problems such as these can be highlighted early, avoiding costs of re-coating or recalling products.

      20° 60° 85° 45° 75°
    APPLICATION Coatings, plastics and related materials Ceramic,
      High Gloss Semi Gloss Low Gloss Semi Gloss Low Gloss
    DIN EN ISO 2813 checkmark checkmark checkmark    
    ASTM D 523 checkmark checkmark checkmark    
    ASTM D 2457 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark  
    DIN 67530 checkmark checkmark checkmark    
    JIS Z 8741 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
    ASTM C 346       checkmark  
    Tappi T 480         checkmark
    Brightened Metal
    En ISO 7668 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark  

    Automotive Industry Gloss Meter

    Gloss Meter on DashboardThe automotive industry invests in delivering quality products with gloss and color levels that have maximum appeal to end customers. Gloss levels vary from mirror finish chrome parts to very matte "soft touch" internal plastics. The automotive interior design is getting more and more important in the purchasing decision. A big challenge for every car manufacturer is to achieve a "feeling" of high value and at the same time minimize cost. A variety of materials from leather to plastics, are used in the automotive field and need to be harmonized for color and gloss. A design team specifies the color, gloss and grain. Once a new color or material or process are approved, a new "style" is born, ready for implementation. In order to guarantee a uniform look among the various gloss levels in automotive parts, very tight tolerances are specified. Typical automotive gloss tolerances using a standard 60 degree glossmeter with gloss levels under 5 GU can be 0.3 or 0.5 GU. Visual assessment is impossible with these tight color and gloss tolerances.

    As a starting point, master standard plaques are manufactured by the automotive customer with usually a flat and several grained areas. These are sent to the automotive suppliers as their gloss target to achieve with actual production parts.

    As the master plaques and final parts are often made of different materials, the suppliers work closely with the automotive maker. At the end, the final approval on color and gloss are given on the automotive production part. This automotive production part now becomes the color and gloss standard for the supplier. Instead of working with absolute gloss numbers from the supplier production standard, QC needs to be based on the signed-off part. This procedure eliminates the reproducibility error as gloss is measured relatively on the sample type of material and same surface.

    Since visual assessment of gloss is impossible one must use a digital gloss meter. Special glossmeters from 3NH with excellent precision are able to objectively control the production parts.

    Two new methods for improved performance using glossmeters are now available to improve the accuracy and repeatability when measuring in the critical 60 degree low gloss range of 0 to 10 GU levels.

    High gloss finish paints for bodywork are controlled for gloss using the 20° angle. Mid-gloss plastic and wood finishes are controlled using the 60° geometry and matte interior plastics can also be measured using the 85°. For automotive suppliers measuring automotive parts from glossy to matt, we have the Intelligent Gloss Meter, Model NHG268 or Model NHG60 or Model NHG60M.

    Curved parts such as steering wheels, exhausts, chromed fittings and switches are measured using the 60 degree NHG60M. The statistical analysis feature is often used to control the variation in batches; the readings are then downloaded and stored in our software as part of the end users quality system.

    Paints and Coatings Gloss Meter

    Most paints and coatings are gloss controlled from formulation, checked regularly during manufacture and finally during application. Changes in gloss levels anywhere in this process can lead to substantial visual differences in batches offered to the end user. Closely controlling gloss means products are produced with maximum visual impact and rejections are avoided. The protective coatings industry monitors gloss during the lifetime of a coating because as the paint ages its gloss level drops. When it reaches a preset level the structure is re-painted ensuring that a maximum lifespan is achieved from the coating without the risk of corroding the structure it protects. Paints and coatings are primarily controlled using the 60° degree angle geometry, with the additional 20° and 85° geometries for high gloss and matte coatings.

    Furniture Industry Gloss Meter

    Furniture can be painted, coated, varnished or stained to any gloss level from very matte to the highest gloss. Throughout this process it is necessary to control the gloss of the products for batch consistency and to check that the coating has been applied and is drying correctly.

    Unexpected gloss levels are often an early warning of a problem with the formulation of a coating, the amount that has been applied or the way it has cured.

    The 60° geometry is standard in the furniture industry with some customers also specifying the additional 20° and 85° angles. Large coated surfaces can be checked for gloss variations in seconds using the "Continuous Read" feature which is standard in every 3NH Gloss meter.

    Plastic Industry Gloss Meter

    The plastic industry manufactures products of all shapes and sizes needing gloss measurement. Many of these, including plastic products for the construction industry such as trim for double glazed windows, are measured using the 60 degree angle.

    Small gloss differences in these products can lead to rejections by customers and can be an indication of problems in the manufacturing process or the quality of the raw plastic material.

    Extruded pipe work is controlled using the 3NH-NHG60M which is designed for curved surfaces. Small injection molded parts, such as PDA or mobile phone parts are often curved or have an area that is too small to be measured with traditional gloss meters. The3NH-NHG60M is used for these components.

    Metal finishing Gloss Meter

    Metallic parts and products are often plated, finished with a protective coating or polished to make them attractive to the end user or as a functional protection from corrosion or wear As part of these processes, gloss is often used as a quality control measure. In the rolled steel industry a 45° gloss meter is used to assess the quality of the rolled steel. 60° and 20° Gloss glossmeters are used to check the finish on flat plated and polished metals. 

    The 3NH-NHG60M also used to assess the polishing on stainless steel pipe or the visual quality of items with a small surface are such as gold plated pen nibs or metal watch bracelets.

    Polished Stone Gloss Meter

    Natural stone is processed to produce items with many different finishes dependent on their end use. Marble and similar materials are polished to produce high gloss surfaces where other stone is left rough and matte in appearance.

    The 3NH-NHG268 meters are used to ensure batches of stone products match visually and to optimize the manufacturing process so that the correct amount of finishing is consistently applied to each surface. The three angles of our 20/60/85 degree Glossmeters give maximum flexibility with improved resolution on both matte and high gloss stone finishes.

    Printing Industry Gloss Meter

    Gloss is an indispensable measure in the printing industry. Packaging and magazine covers are regularly UV varnished for a quality glossy appeal to consumers and company brochures are given that professional edge with lamination and varnish to give contrasting matte and gloss effects.

    Gloss reduction in a coating can also be an indication of a curing or drying problem. For example, a drop in the output of UV curing lamps can have disastrous effects on the quality of printed food cartons; uncured inks and coatings may rub off the paper or even contaminate the food the carton is meant to be protecting.

    By monitoring the gloss of the UV varnish these problems can be avoided. The gloss variation across a large printed sheet can be assessed in seconds using the continuous read feature on our gloss meters. The gloss of paper is often quantified using a 75° TAPPI glossmeter.

    Most gloss levels in this industry are often quantified using the 60° geometry guaranteeing consistency in the visual appearance of printed and finished products.

    Learn what is the gloss, please click here!


    3NH-NHG268 High Precision Gloss Level Meter Tri-angle Degree Touch Screen Operation

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    About 3NH

    Shenzhen Threenh Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. We research, develop, produce and market photoelectric detection products in photoelectric detection technology field and color management field.After years of intensice research, 3nh has launched NS series spectrophotometer and NH, NR series colorimeter, ISO12233 resolution test chart, optical image test solution and specific standard illuminant which are widely used in plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic, optical image test industries and the field of scientific research, school and laboratory. Our products are exported around the world. We can provide customization service which has been well received by customers.


    3NH cherishes talents, focuses on talents. Company brings together many of high-level, high educated professionals. Among them, undergraduate academic staffs of the total number of company accounted for more than 80%; postgraduate staffs of the total number of company accounted for 30%. It involves the fields of photometry, electronic circuit, embedded system, photoelectric detection, mechanical structure design, optical design, application software, lighting technology electronic commerce and internet. 3nh team has strong capability to design, develop and produce on its own. The company has a large number of innovation patents, core technologies and intellectual property rights of 3nh products.


    3NH adheres to “people-oriented, customer first, technological innovation, sustainable development” business philosophy to meet customer demand continuously, to create value for customers and to achieve win-win situation and common development.




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